After the Party – Open House 2014

..and so London Open House is over for another year. Just before we opened this time Cecilia and I thought that perhaps we’d take a sabbatical from it next year – there is so much preparation and cleaning to do and with that on top of an ever increasing workload is quite difficult to manage (oh such a hard life 😉  ).. But, just as with the times before, as soon as we opened the door and our visitors started pouring in with so many encouraging and positive comments all such thoughts disappear and we remembered what a fantastic event this is and how privileged we are to be able to be a part of it! Thank you once again to Victoria Thornton & her team for organising this fabulous event..

London Open House 2014 - Courtyard House

London Open House 2014 – Over 300 visitors on Sunday

Visitors Comments – Love the “This is Rubbish!”

It wasn’t all about Designcubed for us. We only opened on the Sunday so that we could spend some time on the Saturday looking at other Open Houses in our area. As usual we came away inspired and somewhat humbled by other’s work. Notably (and if you get a chance next year to visit them I recommend you do) The Coach House in Sydenham, and a fantastic (huge) house built in a backland plot around a 100 year old pear tree in Friern Road SE22.. Beautiful.

Coach House (L) & Friern Road

Coach House (L) & Friern Road

To finish here’s a shot of Eric admiring the steady flow of visitors (we had over 300) and deciding which one to do his full body waggle at in the hope of someone saying hello and throwing him a ball (plenty succumbed to his very persuasive invitation)..


“Stick, Anyone gotta Stick??”

Stephen – Mon 22nd Sept 2014

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