Courtyard House Features on TV!

..shortly after our Courtyard House appeared in London’s Evening Standard we were approached by a TV production company working for London’s new television channel London Live to see if we would by happy to feature on a new homes and property show. Intrigued (although somewhat nervous how we might be portrayed after a quick Google revealed that they produced programmes such as “Cowboy Builders“) we took the plunge and a few weeks later the production crew arrived for our 2hrs of filming..

On the day it was just me and the director-come-camera man. Being a ‘film-star’ newbie I was expecting some fairly explicit direction but it was more like, “okay, so just tell me something about the space we’re standing in right now” – point the camera and shoot the scene in a single take.. Unfortunately for me I was unable to see any of the footage or the final piece until it was shown on TV for the first time so I really wasn’t sure how it would look or how I would be edited. When I finally did get to see it I was relieved that it came across fairly well (I think). You can view a shortened version of the piece via the link below..

Click to watch Courtyard House on London Live

Click to watch Courtyard House on London Live

London Live


Stephen 25th September 2014

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