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Courtyard House Features on TV!

..shortly after our Courtyard House appeared in London’s Evening Standard we were approached by a TV production company working for London’s new television channel London Live to see if we would by happy to feature on a new homes and property show. Intrigued (although somewhat nervous how we might be portrayed after a quick Google revealed that they produced programmes such as “Cowboy Builders“) we took the plunge and a few weeks later the production crew arrived for our 2hrs of filming..

On the day it was just me and the director-come-camera man. Being a ‘film-star’ newbie I was expecting some fairly explicit direction but it was more like, “okay, so just tell me something about the space we’re standing in right now” – point the camera and shoot the scene in a single take.. Unfortunately for me I was unable to see any of the footage or the final piece until it was shown on TV for the first time so I really wasn’t sure how it would look or how I would be edited. When I finally did get to see it I was relieved that it came across fairly well (I think). You can view a shortened version of the piece via the link below..

Click to watch Courtyard House on London Live

Click to watch Courtyard House on London Live

London Live


Stephen 25th September 2014

Putney Site Visit

Here’s a picture I took today of our project in Gwendolen Avenue, Putney (SW London). The project has included a full strip out and remodelling of the interior together with a zinc clad extension (shown here). So the zinc is now up and we’re waiting for the oak framed glass doors that sit beneath it.. So far the work has been incredibly smooth thanks to our fantastic builder Peter..

I am happy to report that we have a happy client, a  happy builder and therefore a very happy architect! 😉

Gwendolen Avenue on Site: Sept 2014

Gwendolen Avenue on Site: Sept 2014

Stephen – Mon 22nd Sept

After the Party – Open House 2014

..and so London Open House is over for another year. Just before we opened this time Cecilia and I thought that perhaps we’d take a sabbatical from it next year – there is so much preparation and cleaning to do and with that on top of an ever increasing workload is quite difficult to manage (oh such a hard life 😉  ).. But, just as with the times before, as soon as we opened the door and our visitors started pouring in with so many encouraging and positive comments all such thoughts disappear and we remembered what a fantastic event this is and how privileged we are to be able to be a part of it! Thank you once again to Victoria Thornton & her team for organising this fabulous event..

London Open House 2014 - Courtyard House

London Open House 2014 – Over 300 visitors on Sunday

Visitors Comments – Love the “This is Rubbish!”

It wasn’t all about Designcubed for us. We only opened on the Sunday so that we could spend some time on the Saturday looking at other Open Houses in our area. As usual we came away inspired and somewhat humbled by other’s work. Notably (and if you get a chance next year to visit them I recommend you do) The Coach House in Sydenham, and a fantastic (huge) house built in a backland plot around a 100 year old pear tree in Friern Road SE22.. Beautiful.

Coach House (L) & Friern Road

Coach House (L) & Friern Road

To finish here’s a shot of Eric admiring the steady flow of visitors (we had over 300) and deciding which one to do his full body waggle at in the hope of someone saying hello and throwing him a ball (plenty succumbed to his very persuasive invitation)..


“Stick, Anyone gotta Stick??”

Stephen – Mon 22nd Sept 2014

The Evening Standard

Our Courtyard House in East Dulwich appeared as a two page spread in the Homes and Property section of London’s Evening Standard on 21st May 2014. A version of the article was also published on-line and can be seen here.

Designcubed_Courtyard House_London Evening Standard

Many thanks to Phillippa Stockley who interviewed us and wrote the article and to Simon Maxwell who took the photographs and put us in contact with the paper.

Designcubed - Courtyard House Interior

Designcubed – Courtyard House Interior

London Open House it’s that tine of the year again – London Open House is open for business (20-21st September)…

Open House was started in 1992 as a small, not-for-profit organisation to promote public awareness and appreciation of the capital’s building design and architecture. The intention was to open up London’s splendid buildings to the general public who don’t otherwise have access

It’s out third year of participation and we will once again be opening the doors of our Courtyard House (East Dulwich) on the Sunday from 10.30am -5.30pm. Look forward to seeing you there!


Courtyard House, East Dulwich

Website Refresh

So today we are re-launching our website with a modified layout and design.. Our aim has been to make it more accessible, fresher in feel and hopefully ‘friendlier‘! Behind the bonnet we’ve added a database engine which makes it far easier for us to edit, update, and maintain – so we now have fewer excuses for keeping it up to date!

We’re launching this a little bit early in order to coincide with the annual London Open House event (we have one of our projects  – Courtyard House – open to the public as part of it) – so please bear with us if there are any errors or omissions as we iron out such gremlins in the coming weeks..



We have a practical approach to design. First & foremost it must work! It should bring joy and comfort, be affordable but feel of high quality. We have no set solutions, design is a process of discovery which we like to explore with our clients with mutual respect and friendship along the way.

Revit and BIM

We use the latest software technology to develop, visualise, coordinate and manage our designs. Autodesk Revit is creating a buzz in the industry at the moment and we are ahead of the curve in its use. Stephen sits on the committee of the London Revit User Group (LRUG) and frequently presents at events and seminars. He spoke as a ‘Super User’ on behalf of Autodesk on a 12 day tour of South East Asia and Australia where he demonstrated how the innovative use of Autodesk software can provide a design edge.

We are experts in the use of a wide variety of programmes including: Autodesk Revit and 3ds Max; Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premier; and Google Sketchup. By integrating the strengths of each of these technologies we are able to create multi-media presentations which assist design development and marketing at the same time as producing fully coordinated accurate designs.

Autodesk Revit

Revit is a powerful 3-dimensional design tool driven by a database at its core. Using Revit we can generate 3-dimensional visuals and walk-throughs to help communicate our proposals and produce coordinated designs far earlier than previously possible. We can export data from design options for environmental analysis and use the results to minimise both embodied energy and consumption. As the design develops the database can be harnessed to produce accurate schedules to assist with cost analysis and to provide data for decision making and brief checking.


Informed, sustainable design is what we deliver. We aim to optimise efficiency, reduce consumption and to enhance & sustain local communities, environments & habitats.

Our experience ranges from passive design solutions (ventilation, orientation & form) to bespoke BREEAM & ESTIDAMA assessments. We collaborate with leading research experts (using computational dynamic modelling) to intelligently inform design concepts. We analyse the whole life cycle of a building to identify the key factors which can help drive down its carbon footprint.

We develop tailored sustainability strategies for each project. We recommend establishing a local supply chain to support local communities whilst reducing transport, using recycled & recyclable products, and investing in modern construction methods which drive down waste.

Everyone has to do their bit for the environment but we think our experience means we can do more than most!